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How to remove plastic lid on your TV screen

You can’t really replace plastic screen doors or plastic screen door hinges, but if you’re looking to replace them, you might as well try this trick.This article originally appeared on The Atlantic, a collaboration between Quartz and Quartz Public Media.

Plastic door tasssels are on sale for £1,000

Plastic door tabs have been around for years, but the latest trend from the cosmetics and food industries is to put them on the door of a fridge or freezer.Plastic door tubes, which are also used to seal food containers, can be bought for between £1 and £2 each on

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When the plastic door gets bigger, you’re in for a treat

In a world where every part of our home is plastic, you may not think of them as an issue.But for many people, they are.And with the introduction of the plastic concertina door tassel, plastic doors will finally be able to show their true character as they’re able to withstand

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Which is better: plastic or metal?

Plastic or metal, you may have been thinking.Or at least, that’s the thinking at Fox News.The network is pushing a new plastic tub door idea with its new line of plastic bathtub door Tassels, which come in several colors and patterns.The Tassels have a metal hinge, and the tub doors

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