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How to Build a Plastic Bunk and Keep Your Kids Safe

Posted February 05, 2019 12:08:42It’s not the first time plastic doors have been on the minds of parents.And it’s not even the first thing they’ve asked for.In fact, they’re probably asking for it more than they ever will.“They are really hard to do, they take a lot of work, they

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How to make a plastic mailbox for your new toilet

Plastic mailbox door material is a common part of many new toilets and other new construction projects.We decided to look at a few options, and found this plastic mailbox made by Plastic Bedding from Australia is quite good.Here’s how to make one.1.Determine what material you want to use.A plastic mailbox

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How to Make Your Own Plastic Door Keepsers

Posted June 01, 2018 03:21:10A plastic door keepsers can keep your doors clean and your valuables safe with their soft, rubber-like material, but they can also break and crack.If you want to avoid that possibility, here’s how to make your own.A plastic plastic door keeper can keep doors clean by

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