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The best of plastic doors

Plastic doors are a new breed of door that you might not have heard of, but that’s exactly what they are.While most people don’t consider them a serious appliance, they’re used by millions of people every day.We’re here to explain how to make the perfect plastic door with the right

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When plastic doors get busted

When plastic door windows get busted, a homeowner in Alberta says he has no choice but to replace the glass.He’s done it to protect his front door, which is a window, he says.“It’s not a lot of money, but it’s necessary,” said Joe Olesen, who lives in his home on

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How to prevent plastic door hinge from breaking

A plastic door hinges could break if left open for too long.The plastic has to be cut, cut to size, then bent back.There’s also a time limit to get it out of the way, because there are certain things you have to cut and bend.You also have to make sure

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