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Microwave doors, plastic cages doors could lead to new plastics

Plastic cages doors are a common feature of modern plastic concertina door systems, and they are often a welcome sight to guests.But a new paper in the journal PLOS ONE shows that these cages could be vulnerable to bacterial infection.In their paper, the researchers describe how they created an in

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When the plastic door gets bigger, you’re in for a treat

In a world where every part of our home is plastic, you may not think of them as an issue.But for many people, they are.And with the introduction of the plastic concertina door tassel, plastic doors will finally be able to show their true character as they’re able to withstand

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How to remove plastic concertinas doors from your car

The plastic concertinas doors have been a staple of many cars since they first appeared in the 1970s, but some cars still use them to prevent children from entering.Read more: If you need help removing the plastic doors from the front of your car, this DIY guide will show you

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