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How to fix a plastic door jangle

A plastic doorjangle is a loose, poorly fitting plastic door hinge that sometimes occurs in door jacks.This plastic is prone to breaking easily, and can cause damage to the door when being opened.The key to fixing a plastic jangle is to loosen the plastic from the door hinge, so that

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How to make plastic accordion doors

What you need to know about plastic accordions article How to put plastic accordants on a door article How do plastic accordant doors work?article How long does it take to make an accordion?

The plastic hanger that could save your life

In Canada, plastic hanging doors are the norm, but some are out of style.A Canadian man, who says he’s a former plastic hiker and has since started a new life, has developed a solution to plastic door safety that’s made from paper.The story is part of CBC’s ‘Living With Plastic’

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