How to Get Plastic Door Plates Out of Plastic and Save Money in the New Year

Plastic door stickers are a huge hit with our customers and are a way to reduce our recycling costs.

But as plastic door stickers become a thing of the past, it can be costly to have them removed.

Here’s how to get them removed in under 30 minutes.


Get rid of the stickers that stick to the door with a vacuum cleaner or other suction-powered tool.


Put the sticker back on the door.

This will help keep it from sticking again.


Replace the plastic door sticker with a new one.

This is much easier to do than removing the sticker.


Re-install the door sticker and re-apply it.

You will need to re-attach the door to the wall using a glue gun or another adhesive.

This process will take about 30 seconds.


Get back in the car and take the door off the floor.

Once you remove the sticker, you will see the door still has the sticker stuck to it.

Read more about plastic door plates on Buzzfeed.


Make a custom sticker with the new sticker on.

This can be as simple as an orange sticker or as elaborate as a letter or number.

For example, you can make a sticker for your daughter that says “I love you.”

If you’re feeling generous, you could also make a special sticker for a dog or cat that loves you.

You can find stickers for dogs, cats and dogs and cats and cats, too.


Make the sticker yourself and put it in the box you received the door from.

This way you don’t have to pay for any more stickers.


Check the sticker and replace it with another sticker.

This time, use glue and reassemble the door using the glue gun.


Keep using the stickers and you’ll soon have a sticker in your car for every door in your home.

Follow the steps above to get rid of plastic door tags, but you can also get rid a few other things with a simple spray bottle.


Use a spray bottle to remove plastic door numbers from plastic door frames.

Spray bottle for removing plastic door tag and sticker on a plastic door frame.

Plastic door tag on door frame from a sprayable bottle. 2/14/18