How plastic can be recycled

A plastic door from the early 1900s that has been coated in plastic is on display at the Vancouver museum.

The plastic door is one of the earliest examples of a door that has plastic insides.

“This is actually a very unusual plastic door that was designed to be used as a plastic closet door,” said museum curator Mary Anne Johnson.

“The plastic door was actually made for a house that was built with plastic and it was actually meant to be a closet door for the owners of that house.”

Plastic doors were common at the time.

The door was made of wood and the inside was lined with cloth, according to Johnson.

The original door is only one of a collection of some 200 plastic door pieces in the Vancouver Museum of History collection.

The collection has been restored and will go on display in a new exhibition at the museum this fall.

Plastic door in a plastic cabinet image The door is part of a larger collection of pieces that were part of the Vancouver Collection of Household Objects.

The glass cabinets have been preserved by a conservator for future exhibition.

The curators believe they will be able to preserve the pieces and show them to visitors for the first time in years.

They say they are also looking to donate them to museums.

“Our hope is to show people the importance of keeping a collection that has so many pieces of the past in it, in its natural environment and that it will be something that we can use for educational purposes,” said Johnson.

In addition to the glass cabinets, the Vancouver collection has other plastic door fragments including the door that Johnson says is one that was originally used as the door to a small bathroom.

It is part, though not the only, example of a plastic door found in Vancouver’s history.

A woman and her son were found naked and chained up in a wooden closet at the corner of Queen Street and Seymour Street in the city’s east end in 1905.

Police were able to identify the woman after she was rescued and she was identified as the owner of the closet.

Her son was found chained to a bed.

Johnson said the doors are a perfect example of the way plastic is treated.

“It’s quite surprising that they were used for these kinds of purposes,” she said.

“We’ve been able to show them as a way to preserve them and show the people that have them that they are valuable.”

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