Why the plastic door on your Apple Watch is getting plastic

A new set of plastic door trims will arrive for the Apple Watch on September 14th.

It’s a small change that’s going to make a huge difference for users who prefer to wear the device while holding it with their thumb.

The first batch will arrive at select Apple retail stores, and will arrive in three different colors: white, blue and black.

It will be the same trim available on the AppleWatch 3, Apple Watch 4, AppleWatch Sport and Apple Watch Sport 2.

The plastic door will be available in three colors, according to a post on Apple’s website.

It’ll be available on select Apple Watch models.

The new trim will have an aluminum shell that can be used to make custom-designed door handles and trim the sides.

It can also be made into a “slide-out” design that lets users rotate the watch to look different depending on how the device is held.

It will also have a “glide-to” design for easy access to apps like Siri and Apple Maps.

The Apple Watch will have a built-in NFC chip for sending messages, and the Apple Pay card reader will be integrated into the front of the device.

Customers can choose between a white plastic door with a blue trim, or a black plastic door that’s available in blue and white.

The door is also available in black or white.

Apple is introducing the new door trim with two new colors.

It is available in white, white and blue, according the company.

The new colors are available for a limited time, and are limited to the Apple Store and online only.

The blue trim will be made available for $399, while the white trim will start at $299.

Both new door trimmers come with the same new design, but the new trim is more customizable than the standard plastic door.

It has a black leather cover with a black stripe around the edges, and can also have the door cover replaced with an Apple logo.

It comes with an “open door” feature that lets the door slide out to expose the side of the watch, and an “invisible button” that lets you access the watch and apps while the door is open.

Customer ReviewsThe first batch of Apple Watch trim is the white version.

Customers will be able to choose between the black or blue plastic door version.

The iPhone 7 Plus model is also on the way, with a different door design and an additional accessory.

The white version will be priced at $349.

Apple said that it’s working with a company called Mondo to create the new, custom-made plastic door and that they are working to make the doors available to the public as soon as they are available.

This means that it will be a matter of time before we see these doors in stores.

Customist reviews for the new plastic door have been mixed.

Apple said that customers are having success with their custom-built Apple Watch door, with one review saying, “The door looks great.

I have had great experiences with this door.

I will definitely buy again from Mondo.”

Mondo is the same company that created the iPhone 6S door, and they also made the new Apple Watch doors.

They are a small, independent company that specializes in creating custom-design doors.

The company has a great deal of experience in the industry.

They also made custom door designs for the iPhone 7, and it looks like this one will be different.

Customists who have already received their new AppleWatch door will receive the new design in two to three weeks, and customers will have until September 15th to make their custom designs.

If you are planning to purchase the new white Apple Watch, you will need to wait a few more weeks.

Apple has been working with Mondo on the new front panel of the Apple Watches, and Mondo has already created the new iPhone 7S door.

The phone’s front panel will also feature a new color scheme.