When you’re stuck in a plastic door holder … you’ve gotta replace it

HINGING plastic doors are not a new idea, but the practice is being embraced by the NFL.

The NFL has long encouraged fans to “HING” plastic door holders and has even taken the opportunity to install them on its sidelines.

Now, fans can buy them with a little extra effort.

The NFL says it’s now “engaged in the manufacturing, assembly and marketing of plastic door handles, partex plastic doors and hinge plastics,” according to the company’s website.

These doors are manufactured by an Italian company, and the company is now offering the handles to fans at $1 each, or $35 a pop.

In other words, fans have the option of buying an inexpensive plastic handle for the cost of a $35 one.

They don’t have to replace the door holder — the NFL says this is “a matter of safety” — they can simply use a standard door holder instead.

This is an example of the NFL’s “safety” campaign, which is essentially to make sure fans have a good experience with plastic doors in the stadium.

The company says this product is also for “customers who want a plastic handle with the ability to be customized with their name or logo.”

That’s what makes it so appealing: A little customization and it’s all good.

It seems like an easy way to get fans in the game, right?

It’s a good way to help prevent the possibility of concussions, though there are some safety concerns associated with this type of door.

If the handle doesn’t lock when it’s used properly, it can be used to pick up loose items.

It’s not clear if the NFL is making this change in response to concerns over the safety of these handles.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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