New ‘slam dunk’ plastic storm door – but it’s not as cheap as it looks

Posted September 04, 2018 05:01:40With the plastic storm doors becoming a popular option for new construction in many parts of the country, it looks like there’s a new one on the horizon.

The company behind it, Plastic Storm, have revealed their latest model, which has been designed to be more affordable and more durable.

The Storm Door is made out of lightweight, high quality polycarbonate material, which will last for up to 14 years, making it a great choice for people who like to upgrade their doors in the future.

The door features a black lid and is available in either three-ply or two-ply options, and will be available in Australia and New Zealand this autumn.

Plastic Storm is an Australian company who has been producing quality door designs since 2005.

They have a good track record of making quality doors for people in the area, which is great news.

Plastique doors are currently a popular choice for many home buyers, and with the new model, they have created a door that is going to be a popular addition to many homes.

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