BHIM’s plastic zipper doors: What do you need to know about them?

The plastic zipper-door design used in many of today’s smartphones is based on the one first introduced by Japanese company BH.

It’s a simple design that’s easy to use and looks nice on phones, especially in a case.

It also makes it easy to install and remove.

But in 2017, a new design called BHIL has come into the picture.BHIL was created in partnership with LG Electronics and is being designed to be a more compact, thinner, and more affordable option.

It has a unique plastic zipper design that looks and feels a lot more elegant than the BH model, according to BH in a blog post.

According to BHA’s product page, the BHI2 will be a thinner, more flexible, and cheaper option that can be used on phones that cost up to $1,200.

Its main competitor, the OnePlus 2, is already available on the market.

According the BHA website, the new BH is a better choice because of the added protection.

BHI is also a lot cheaper, according the company.

While the Bhuis new model is currently only available in the US, it will be available in all other major Asian markets in the coming months.