Palestinian: We will not surrender to Israeli occupation

Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip have released a statement declaring their intention to fight against Israeli occupation and demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

The statement, published on Facebook on Saturday, said: “The time has come to end the occupation and return to the land of the Palestinian people.

The occupation is a tool used by the Israeli government and its partners to justify the Israeli annexation of the land and the settlement project.

We call on the international community to help us fight this aggression and support the struggle for freedom and dignity of the Palestinians.”

The statement was published in Hebrew and translated by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

It calls on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other top officials to end their collaboration with the Israeli occupier.

It also called on the Palestinian leadership to implement a Palestinian national unity plan and recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination.

It calls on the PA to halt its funding of settlements and its military and economic support for the Israeli army and to halt construction of settlements in the occupied territories.

It also called for a boycott of Israeli products, including the sale of Israeli goods.

It called for an immediate end to Israeli apartheid and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Banks.