How to use a plastic door sticker to add some style to your home

A plastic door is a durable, flexible piece of plastic that can be used to make decorative door stickers.

The trick to making the most of plastic doors is to make sure you choose the right kind of plastic.

Here are our picks for the best door stickers for the new year.


The Green Plastic Door Sticker from Home Depot.

Made of a transparent material, this sticker is meant to add a little style to any room.

Use it to add an interesting window, or to hang your favorite wallpaper.


The Light Blue Plastic Door sticker from Home Capital.

A bright, bright light blue sticker.

It makes your door look big and bold.

Use this sticker to decorate your home, and give your new decor some personality.


The White Plastic Door Placement sticker from The Home Depot .

This sticker is a little different than the other plastic door stickers on this list.

It is made from a soft white material.

The design looks great, and it adds a nice touch to any interior.


The Blue Plastic Window Placement Sticker.

The first of our plastic window stickers, this one is made of a blue plastic.

It’s not just a door sticker, it’s also an add-on.

It has a white, decorative border around it, and you can hang it on the window.


The Yellow Plastic Door Window Placing sticker.

The second of our two plastic window sticker options, this is also made from the same blue plastic as the White Plastic Window sticker.

You can use this sticker on any window, so long as you choose a door that is painted white.


The Clear Plastic Door Glove Sticker with Green Color.

This sticker, which is the one that we used in our review, is made up of a clear plastic that gives a great look to any door.

The color is bright and vibrant, and the shape makes it easy to use.


The Dark Pink Plastic Door Door Gloved Sticker .

This one is a different color than the others.

It also has a dark green background, so it looks a little more subtle than the rest.


The Orange Plastic Door Sign Sticker With Blue Color.

Another plastic sticker that we chose as our top pick for the year, this Orange sticker adds a great deal of color to any bathroom or kitchen.

The bright color and the clever design make this sticker an easy to apply to your bathroom or home.


The Pink Plastic Window Sticker Glove Placement.

The third of our three plastic sticker options is a simple white plastic that looks great on any door or window.

The light color adds a bit of style to the room, and this sticker adds just the right amount of pop to any decor.


The Gray Plastic Window Sign Stickers.

The last of our options is the grey plastic window sign sticker.

This is a bright and bright color that will give your room a bit more of a pop.

We really like this one, and think it’s a great choice for any room you’re designing.

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