Which is better: plastic or metal?

Plastic or metal, you may have been thinking.

Or at least, that’s the thinking at Fox News.

The network is pushing a new plastic tub door idea with its new line of plastic bathtub door Tassels, which come in several colors and patterns.

The Tassels have a metal hinge, and the tub doors come in a variety of finishes and designs, including plastic.

The tub doors are designed to slide down into a water bath.

According to Fox News, the Tassel design “gives the tub a softer look and better grip, while making it easier to install.”

And, they look pretty great.

The Tassels come in multiple colors and designs and are available in different styles, from the “classic” to the “modern.”

Here’s how they work.

The plastic Tassels slide down a tub of water.

The hinges open and close with a click.

Once open, the tub door opens to reveal a plastic hinge.

The metal hinges slide down the tub and open up to reveal metal hinges.

The rubberized coating on the hinges seals the hinges.

(AP) Plastic Tassels are easy to install and remove.

(Photo: Fox News)The tub door Tassel is a little different.

The glass-tipped Tassels have the same hinge, but instead of sliding down the door, they open up into a bathtub, which is where the Tassels end up.

They have two sides to them, and they slide down with a tap, allowing for easy removal and installation.

The tub doors look great, but do they actually help with tub cleaning?

That’s what the experts say.

“Plastic tub doors and tub sealants are a great way to keep tubs cleaner, which reduces odors, and make tub cleaning easier,” said Laura Krasnow, a tub cleaning specialist with Pipes, Bags and Tubes.

“But the bottom line is that it’s a waste of time to go out and buy tub sealant and then have to replace your tub.

A good tub seal will last a lifetime, but it won’t be as effective in the long term.”

Krasnow added that if you don’t want to have to buy a tub seal, you could also install an air purifier in your tub, which will also reduce the odor.

Plastic tub doors can also help keep a tub clean, because the plastic will hold water and keep the tubs inside.

The aluminum-based Tassels can be installed with a vacuum cleaner.

“When you take a bath with a tub door, you’re basically removing the tub,” Krasone said.

“So you’re really going to be removing the air, and it’s not going to really hold water.”

Kasone said it’s important to know that plastic tub doors will also help you keep your tubs clean, but that it doesn’t work as well as an air-purifier.

“It’s a little bit of a mystery why people use plastic tubs, and I think the main reason is because they are made of plastic,” Kasone added.

“If you are going to use a plastic tub to clean your tub it should be as water-repellent as possible.”

If you do use a tub to store your tub water, Krasones advice is to seal it and let the water cool.

“Just keep the air out,” she said.