The latest from Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue “The Process” Jackson says he would welcome a change in leadership if a new owner and general manager would “change things up.”

Jackson said Sunday on Sirius XM NFL Radio that he would be “open” to a change at the head of the organization.

Jackson also said that he and his team would be willing to look at players, not just the offensive line, if a free agency or draft was necessary.

Jackson told Sirius XMB NFL Radio on Sunday that he expects his players to “work hard” this offseason.

He also said his players will have a “different set of expectations” than they had during the season.

Jackson has yet to speak publicly about his plans, but he told SiriusXM NFL Radio during Sunday’s interview that he wants his players “to do the right thing” and that “we’re going to do it.”