Plastic door pan, 4,000-yen, sells for nearly $12K on eBay

Plastic door pans are becoming increasingly popular in Asia.

One of the cheapest and most widely used of these items is the plastic door piece, which sells for 4,900 yen ($13.3).

That’s more than half the price of the plastic pan at the local department store.

The cheapest one is sold by a Japanese company, Saya, which claims to be the world’s leading maker of the pan.

However, the company is known for making faulty products and often making mistakes.

The company is now recalling its pans after it was reported that it had sold them with a faulty plastic door panel, causing damage to the metal.

The pan was sold at the Tokyo branch of Saya.

It was sold with a plastic panel with holes that broke the panel and caused the pan to fail, causing an explosion and causing a fire, the store told reporters.

The company was ordered to replace the panels within 48 hours.

The store’s website has an advertisement for a pan called “A very good pan for you.”

According to a company representative, the pan is the most common pan in Japan and is sold at most department stores and other shops.

The pan is available in two sizes, 4″ and 5″ (1.5 and 1.7 meters).

A representative of Sowa also said the company was investigating how the incident happened.

The representative said the incident had been investigated by the company.