Plastic construction door to Israel’s most coveted apartment in East Jerusalem – report

The plastic construction door of the most expensive apartment in the Israeli capital, Jerusalem, was installed in East Eilat on Monday by the construction contractor that has been granted permission to build a mosque.

The new building, which is being built on the grounds of the Islamic Center of East Jerusalem, will be the tallest building in Jerusalem and the second most expensive building in the city.

The mosque’s name is a reference to the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

The construction project is part of a multi-billion-dollar renovation project that began in November 2014, according to the city of Jerusalem, which has also granted permission for construction of an additional 300 apartments in the Old City.

The building’s design is meant to be an Islamic center for tourists and businessmen, according the Jerusalem municipality.

The mosque will house several Islamic shrines, including a new one built in honor of the Prophet, and a mosque with a new roof.

The project is set to cost $1.5 billion.

The Jerusalem municipality’s construction department said the mosque is to be located at the intersection of several roads.

Construction work has begun on the building on the city’s east side, which will include a new building for the Islamic center, and an apartment building for wealthy businessmen.

The construction work was expected to be finished in mid-January, the municipality said in a statement.

The project was financed with a 20-year loan from the European Union, which includes the promise of a 50-percent discount for Israeli tourists.

The European Union is also paying an additional 10-percent deposit for the project.

The city of East Eilsat announced in April that it had awarded a construction permit for the building.

Construction on the project has been slowed due to a lack of permits and approvals from the Israeli Supreme Court.

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