Plastic pet door seals replace plastic door tags

Plastic pet doors have been replaced with plastic tags that will prevent cats from entering your home.

The tags, which cost between $3 and $10, come in three different sizes and are used to ensure pets can’t steal your keys or pets’ food.

The tag is also a permanent reminder that you need to close your door to keep cats away.

It’s not clear how many people have adopted the new plastic tag system, but one resident of Melbourne, New South Wales, told ABC Radio Melbourne she has already seen a rise in cats and dogs entering her home.

“I have a six-year-old black and white dog, and I’ve got a six year-old grey dog that is a bit wild,” she said.

“My dog’s not going to get any toys, and she’s going to go through her crate and I’m going to lock it, but I’m not going into the living room to try and pet him, she’s not even going to come in.”

The pet tag system has also been touted by pet owner groups as a “tough, effective, cost effective and effective solution” to cat and dog food shortages.

“The new plastic pet tag can help cats and/or dogs who can’t access food for a number of reasons, including having a food allergy, a cat that’s not well-behaved, or if there are cats who are not well behaved or not allowed in the household,” said Dr Chris Cockerham from the Australian Veterinary Association.

“For example, if you are an elderly person who has no other option, you could find yourself having to put your pet in the garage because the garage door is only open to the garage.

So having a pet tag that is readily accessible will help alleviate some of those problems.”

The ABC has contacted the Australian Pet Owners Association for comment.

If you need help finding your pet, the ASPCA is a registered charity, with an online directory for pets in need.

To find your nearest ASPCA animal centre, click here.

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